Microsoft Excel With Ease: Master Excel Spreadsheets

This course is a Microsoft Excel tutorial that takes your Excel skills to the next level. It is an Excel training class.

Over 1200 people have already taken this course!

When I began to learn Excel many years ago, it was quite overwhelming. Lots of questions ran thought my head. What is the best way to learn Excel? Where can I learn basic excel skills? Is there a basic excel tutorial out there? What is the best way to enter data in Excel? How to use Excel formulas and functions? What is Excel VLOOKUP? What are Excel best practices? Can I save time with Excel? What is Excel table array? How do I use the IF function? What the heck are AND, OR functions?

If you are like me, this course is for you. It begins as a basic Excel tutorial and quickly takes you to the next level of Excel knowledge and skills.

What will happen during the course?

1) You will watch high-quality videos where I will explain the most important things about Excel in an easy and clear way.

2) You will practice what I teach you on the same sample files that I use and reinforce your learning.

3) You will learn many very useful tips and tricks that will make you even more productive.

4) You will discover that Excel can actually be fun.

What will happen after you take this course?

1) You will realize that you are much more comfortable with Excel.

2) Things that seemed confusing will seem clear. You may even mentally "kick" yourself for not knowing these things before.

3) Your boss may get surprised that things that took you a full day in the past now take you about an hour.

4) Your colleagues may also notice your improvement and may start coming to you for advice.

This Excel course is one of the Easy Excel With Igor series. The other high quality Excel tutorials include: "Data Manipulation In Excel" allowing you to save up to 90% of time when using Excel for certain data management tasks;"Excel Conditional Formatting Master Class" where you can learn how to improve your spreadsheets using conditional formatting in Excel; "Excel Pivot Tables Data Analysis Master Class" that takes you step by step to mastering pivot tables data crunching skills; "Microsoft Excel Charts Master Class" that builds your skills in creating your skills in Excel charts and graphs.

How To Learn Excel In This Course
Microsfot Excel User Interface
How To Enter Data In Excel
How To Use Fill Series (The Fill-handle Tool)
How To Move Around An Excel Spreadsheet And Select Cells
Easy Direct Formatting In Excel
Easy Excel Formulas
Easy Excel Functions Basics
Relative And Absolute Cell References In Excel
Using AutoSum In Excel
Easy Text Functions
Excel TODAY and NOW Functions
Logical IF Function Introduction
Excel Logical Functions: AND, OR
Using Logical Functions IF, AND, OR Together
Exercise Using IF AND SUM (courtesy of Björn Már Sveinbjörnsson)
SUMIF and SUMIFS: Conditional Sum in Excel
AVERAGEIF and AVERAGEIFS: Conditional Average
COUNTIF and COUNTIFS: Conditional Count
COUNTIFS Conditional Number Counting (courtesy of Björn Már Sveinbjörnsson)
VLOOKUP Function Introduction
Fill Data With VLOOKUP Function
Excel VLOOKUP With Approximate Match
VLOOKUP With A Named Range As Table Array
Use Excel Table In VLOOKUP
Monthly Loan Payment With PMT Function
Goal-Seek Analysis Tool
More on Formatting
Printing in Excel
Thank You!

What's included

  • 31 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Igor Ovchinnikov