Excel Pivot Tables Data Analysis Master Class

Excel at Excel Pivot Tables. Learn to create pivot-table and pivot-chart reports using Excel for data analysis.

From creating your first pivot table in Excel, to becoming a pivot table expert there is a path of learning and experimenting. Microsoft Excel is one the most widely used data analysis tools in business today. Excel pivot tables is undeniably the most powerful part of Excel. If you have ever had a data set to analyze and spent time wondering what you can do with it, then Excel pivot tables is your friend and this Excel course is for you.

When you enroll in and complete this Excel Pivot Tables Data Analysis course, you will know how to:

1) Quickly and easily create and format impressive pivot table and pivot chart reports in Excel.

2) Use Excel pivot tables as a data manipulation and data extraction tool.

3) Learn to fix data in Excel and prepare your Excel data sets for pivot table data analysis.

4) Become proficient with the art of Excel pivot table data crunching.

5) Quickly transform your raw data into useful, actionable information reports.

6) Impress your boss and your colleagues with your newly acquired and highly polished skills.

7) Acquire proven strategies, tips, and techniques in Excel.

8) Excel at Excel in general, when used with or without pivot tables.

After this course you will not be able to:

1) Understand how you managed to live without Excel pivot tables all this time.

There are no prerequisites for this course, but it will be easier for you if you already know the most important Excel concepts. My course Microsoft Excel Without Pain is advised for those who are new to Excel.

This Excel Pivot Tables course is primarily based on video materials and is a learn-by-doing kind of experience. It is designed to make it easy for you to follow and to re-create all of the presented pivot-table based solutions, so that you get the maximum benefit by the end of this class. We are using pivot tables in Excel 2013 in this class.

This Excel course is one of the Easy Excel With Igor series. The other high quality Excel tutorials include:

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"Data Manipulation In Excel" allowing you to save up to 90% of time when using Excel for certain data management tasks;

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Learning Tips
Let's Begin
Importance Of Good Data
Adding Data To The Data Source
Using Excel Table As A Data Source
Adding Data To An Excel Table
Design Contextual Tab Overview
Defer Layout Update
Pivot Table Builder Overview
Grouping Dates
Grouping Numbers
Grouping By Selection
Slicing Your Report
Counting With Pivot Tables
Pivot Tables As Data Extraction Tool
Look Ma - No Data Source!
Show As....
Calculated Field
Calculated Item
Recommended Pivot Tables
Pivot Charts
Data Fix: Homework Assignment
Data Fix: Solution
Analysis - Homework
Count By Congressional District Report
Top Ten Zip Codes Report
Top Ten Industries Report
Small Businesses Count Report
Fax or No Fax Report
Count By Month And Year Report
Data Fix: Homework
Data Fix: Solution
Average-Highest-Lowest Report - Homework
Average-Highest-Lowest Report - Solution
Percent Of DC Report - Homework
Percent Of DC Report - Solution
USA Overall vs. DC Report - Homework
USA Overall vs. DC Report - Solution
Percent Difference From 1997 Report - Homework
Percent Difference From 1997 Report - Solution
Additional Thoughts On The Data Set
Data Set Fix - Homework
Data Set Fix - Solution
Additional Thoughts On Car Crash Data
Accidents & Fatalities Monthly Report - Homework
Accidents & Fatalities Monthly Report - Solution
Accidents & Fatalities By Age - Homework
Accidents & Fatalities By Age - Solution
By Age And Gender - Homework
By Age And Gender - Solution
Drug-Related By Gender - Homework
Drug-Related By Gender - Solution
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What's included

  • 55 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Igor Ovchinnikov