Data Manipulation In Excel: Save 90% Of Your Time At Work!

Learn data manipulation in Microsoft Excel. Get tips and tricks and the best practices to prepare data for analysis.

What are the best ways to manipulate data in Excel? How can I change case in Excel? How to use Text-To-Columns? Can I separate data in Excel? How can I combine data in Excel? What to do when imported dates are not dates? I lost leading zeros in Excel! Answers to these questions are inside! When you enroll in this course and complete it, you will not only be able to do all that, but also will know how to import data in Excel the right way, how to prepare data for analysis, how to clean data in Excel. You will be proficient with useful Excel functions, for example VLOOKUP, IF, LEFT, RIGHT, MID, DATE.

In this Excel course, that provides carefully hand-picked most useful video-training material, you will quickly learn the best practices to work with lists of data in Excel. We will start by looking at the best practices in importing data and discuss the common mistakes that one can make when doing it. Next, you will learn to transform data in Excel in a quick, easy, and creative way. You will benefit by making yourself comfortable using Excel as a data manipulation tool. You will fix data, modify data, upend data, concatenate data and clean it using build-in Excel functionality. You will learn to use creatively various Excel functions, such as: VLOOKUP, IF, LEFT, RIGHT, MID, DATE and some others. You will become comfortable “massaging” your data in very useful and beneficial ways.

The Excel course is using a problem-solving approach. It is divided into several sections. Each section deals with a specific common problem that people encounter in Excel all the time. First, we define the problem and then work through a proven solution to fix it. When you work through the solutions offered by the course, you will quickly be improving your problem-solving skills and start coming up with solutions of your own. And that is the ideal learning, isn’t it? You just have fun working through common problems, and your expertise just happens on its own.

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Learning Tips
Issues When Importing Data
Importing Data From A CSV File - The Right Way
Problem: Invoice Code - Things Are Together That Should Be Separate
Parsing Invoice Code Using Text-To-Columns
Goal: Add Names To The List
Review Of VLOOKUP Function
Add Names Using VLOOKUP Lecture
Goal: Separate Full Names Into Separate Colunns
Separate Names - Lecture
Goal: Cleaning Data
Cleaning Data - Lecture
Goal: Fill Blank Cells With Values Above
Filling Blank Cells With The Values Above - Solution
Goal - Combine Data Into A Single Cell
Concatenation Lecture 1
Concatenation Lecture 2
Goal - Add Leading Zeros
Adding Leading Zeros - Solution Lecture
Goal - Parse Text With Formulas
Parsing Text With Formulas - Lecture
Goal - Parse And Fix Dates
Parsing Dates - Lecture
Text-to-columns - Invisible Character
Closing Remarks

What's included

  • 26 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Igor Ovchinnikov